Activities & Excursions

Ayurveda : “The land of ancient heritage’ India has medical science and Ayurveda. In India, there is a chance for you to ease the tensions of your mind and exhaustion of your spirit and body giving an unmarked sentiment from inside. Ayurveda is a beautiful adorns to refresh one’s soul.
With the very busy and most awful lifestyle, most people lead today, stress and tension have become increasingly major problem. The modern system of medication has only partly provided the function of lessening the problems of people. Among such conditions, the primeval system of remedial has resurfaced as an enormously admired means to treat a whole lot of modern problems. Herbal treatment, yoga & meditation, steam bath and massage therapies have proved their credence time and again as effective means to treat the problem of the people.
Ayurveda in India will lead you to beautiful places in the country where trained and expert hands will cast a magical spell and take away not only your physical problems but also a whole lot of mental tensions. In this, you will not think to spend few extra bucks to gain a piece of mind and relaxation to the body.
And even if there is no aggravation problem as such, to have ayurveda massage, it will just rejuvenate your spirit and body. At the end of your ayurveda massage you will emerge as a refreshed person, ready to take on life with a renewed vitality.

Yoga: – It makes the person internally perfect. We provide these activities feel on tourists to be all right out station environment. It may very according to the way of string of conducting and inhalation & exhalation of air. Different type of yoga are Pranayam, Padamasan, Surya-namaskar, Shavasan, Kapal Bharti, Anulom-vilom etc. Now a days may diseases are used with these yogasan or combination of these.

Boating:- It is the activity in which we love the fun of waving water and boat. It gives pleasure to the concerning person. It can be enjoyed in some likes and water body as pichchola like (Udaipur),fateh Sagar like (Udaipur), Ana Sagar lake (Ajmer), Chambal (Kota), Gadisar Talab (Jaisalmer), Dul Jheel (Kashmir), Sili-serh (Alwar), Bandh Bareta (in rainy season only) (Bharatpur) etc.

Safari:- India is the land of enthralling safaris, Camel–cart safari, Horse Safari, Elephant safari and wild Safari of India at different places.

Trakking:- It is one of the thrilling activities. In this, we shape your Trakking tour with a trained person (trainer) and all safety devices as roal, steel hooks, sports-shoes etc. It is very adventurous sports. Many organization and institute provide the training for this activity. In Rajasthan, this is carried out mostly in the range of Aravalli hills. Hilly areas are most suitable for Trakking.

Music concert:- We also organize music concert and events. IN these concepts, we display the variety of music (Vocal/Instrumental), and dance performances to you. These types are Bharatnatyam, Kathkali, Kuchipudi, Orissi and some famous rajasthani folk dances are chari dance, Kalbelia dance, Ghoomer and Bhavai dance etc.

Marriages:- You can make your marriage a beautiful and memorable event with us. We provide the service of conducting a marriage in traditional Indian style. In this, different marriage in ceremonies are summarized in a very special manner that makes you feel your marriage a royal ceremony.