Baggage & Custom Rules

Visitors are inquired as a rule if they have a few things to declare. As video and camera apparatus and other luxurious, simply sold items should be acknowledged. They are permit to carry only according to the Customs and Baggage Rules.

There are two channels for Customs authorization for the flexible course of the tourists at the airport: One is Green Channel, for passengers, who don’t have any dutiable items. Other is Red Channel, for passengers possessing dutiable articles or high value articles, which should be recorded on the Tourist Baggage Re-Export Form.
India agrees to carry one bottle of spirit, 200 cigarettes and a rational quantity of donations to be brought in free of charge. Mementoes can be sending overseas from India without restraint. Only Rs 2.000 value of gold and up to Rs10,000 worth of man-made jewellery or valuable stones can be send abroad without the permit. Very old items which include monument, images, descriptive of science, art, crafts, belief of olden ages and of chronological concern which is more than 100 years old may not be exported from India and needs a certificate from the Director of Antiquities, Archaeological Survey of India to send abroad. India is a participant to CITES, so the selling of ivory, animals and snake skins and items prepared from them to abroad is banned.

Tourist Baggage Re-Export Form (TBRE)

Visitors are frequently requisite to make a baggage declaration of the baggage and foreign currency in their possession. This form is the record of dutiable articles or high-value objects conceded along with the traveller. These objects must be re-exported at the time of leaving. If one can not re-export any objects listed on the TBRE, it automatically turns into a payable task charged for each missing article.


One can’t carries more than US$10,000 in hard cash without announcing it before the Customs on arrival. If the total goes over the specified frontier then the passenger has to release it in the Currency Declaration Form from the Customs department.

Custom Duties

Some duty-free permitted assets are clothes and jewellery, cameras and up to five rolls of film, binoculars, a portable musical instrument, a radio or portable tape recorder, a tent and camping equipment, fishing rod, a pair of skis, two tennis rackets, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 95 liters of liquor and gifts not exceeding a value of Rs. 600 (about $20).

Important points to keep in mind

Fill the accurate announcement of your baggage in the declaration form.
If your baggage is within duty-free limits, go through the Green Channel. The travellers, who are trapped red-handed with dutiable or prohibited items going through the Green Channel, responsible to have a strict action or pay fine and exclusion of items.

*The data may vary according to the rules of particular airport authority or customs and baggage rules