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India is a fascinating country where people of many different communities and religions live together in unity. India is a miscellaneous and compound country. People here reveal the rich splendor of the past. A true Indian has their own culture, traditions and values relative to geographic locations and the numerous distinctive manners, habits and food. India has been occupied by armies, traders and refugees who brought with them their own habits, faiths, practices and observances which have all added to the rich texture of Indian life and living. From all corners of India, its lifestyles clearly adore the natural features. The food, clothing and habits of an Indian differ in accordance to the place of origin.

Indians believe in distribution of happiness and sorrow. The entire community or area is involved in bringing vigour to an occasion. A lot of festivals like Diwali, Holi, Id, Christmas, Mahaveer Jayanthi are all celebrated here by sharing sweets and chitchat with family, neighbours and friends.

Deep-rooted family values continue to exist in Indian families. The surname of an Indian is based on his caste or place of origin or his family occupation. Men are still considered the head of a family and wife will always serve her husband and children. Parents are looked upon with respect and regard.

Though ethnically Indians speak different languages, follow different religions, eat the most diverse varieties of food, there is still a richness in Indian arts and culture which is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.
The average Indian is naturally a very curious person. He likes to chat with the people during their journey even they were stranger to him. Women favour to be welcomed from a gap with a simple “Namaskar”. But, in cities, handshakes between both sexes are quite common.

An Indian wedding is a juncture that requests for involvement of the family and friends. Similarly, neighbours and friends always help out a family in times of need.
Indian dressing is greatly prejudiced by their surroundings and civilization of its people. India is well known for its garments and classic fashion styles all across the world. Indian women wear traditional Indian dresses like Sari or Salwar Kurta. The men in India can be found in more conventional western clothing like shirts and trousers. The new designers have come up with great variations of the Salwar Kurta. Women also wear Lehangas. However, men in villages are still more relaxed in traditional outfit like kurtas, lungis, dhotis and payjamas.

India, the land of spirituality and philosophy considers religion as an integral part of its entire tradition. The worship of various religions and its rituals play a significant role in every aspect of human life in the country. India is the birthplace of two great religions of the world, namely, Hinduism and Buddhism and home to an ancient religion, Jainism. Sikhism is another very recognizable religion which began here bringing together the best aspects of Hinduism and Islam.

If you want to have a great meal or genuine Indian food, take a trip at an Indian home, rather than at a restaurant. Indian food is not just unique to a particular state, but also to different communities within the same state. However, in a traditional home, one may be expected to sit in a cross-legged, on the floor and eat with the right hand from a banana leaf. It is customary to leave one’s footwear outside the door to the house. India offers you a large number of vegetarian & non-vegetarian meals. Vegetarian Food is quite common in India & usually comprises Rice, Bread, Dhal (Pulses), Vegetables, Curd, Pickle & other add ons. So many times it also includes some sweets.

The beauty of the Indian people lies in the spirit of forbearance, give-and-take and a symphony of cultures that can be compared to a garden of flowers of various colors and shades of which, while maintaining their own entity, lend harmony and beauty to India.