Rajasthan Safari- Spine frightening,
Unforgettable, Daring

The land of golden sands and majestic inheritance have hosted a number of successful safari cruises participated by exploration loving tourists coming from different parts of the world. Be it the wilderness of jungle safari or the infinite camel safari, Rajasthan is always ready to encourage you with its bunch of diversity. These abundant safari options makes obvious that Rajasthan is one of the most relished destination in the world. Let have a light on the various safari options in Rajasthan

Camel Safari

Camel, ‘The Ship of Desert’ is the most popular and obvious safari to explore the bewitching beauty of Rajasthan. The camel will take you to the farthest parts of the Thar Desert, where you will find yourself at the verge of a never discovered wonder land. Camel Safari is the only way to see the beauty of the Desert. If you want to see the serpentine caravan; get down from your camel for once, stand apart, you will definitely wish to catch the moment to stay forever. Sleeping under the twinkling stars with gold like sand all around you gives you the most cherished experience of your life.

Camel-Cart Safari

This is a very common mode of transportation in the rural Rajasthan, where a wooden cart is drawn by the camels carrying people and their baggage from one village to another. The practices of the fascinating charm of travelling in this rural vehicle and also blend with the local villagers while gone in the aroma of nature, is amazing. This carvan is a dream and treasure for someone sometimes on the sand or the pebble road.

Horse Safari

The legends of Rajasthan, The land of royal dynasties and the Rajputs, is never complete without the stylish and charming horses. The dignity of the Rajputs was thought to lie in the talent of horse riding. So if you want to reveal the true spirit of Rajput in the land of Rajasthan, the horse is better than another.

Desert safari

Another way to be engulfed in the alluring beauty of the deserts is on foot, ‘The Desert Safari’. We have tour packages for this unforgettable moment. As the morning sun rises, the expedition on foot is started though the vast impression of the sands, is the best you to be lost in the God’s artistry in the form of sand ripples.

Elephant Safari

The Elephant safari is a unique memory. It is mostly enjoyed in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Groomed, glittered in gold elephant give the royal experience of Maharajas of ancient times. The elephants move gracefully on the walkway and you will take pleasure in the most daring animal safari of the land.

Wildlife Safari

Rajasthan is one of the most favoured destinations for wildlife safari due to number of wildlife sanctuaries existed in the region. You will just have the experience of the enthralling Jeep Safari unfolding the unseen mystery of the greens and the wilds slowly and clandestinely in the alluring Ranthambhore and Sariska wildlife national park. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary takes you for an extraordinary safari, rickshaw safari and you can discover the beautiful lives of colourful birds as quietly as it is preferred to be.